The Damme Golf and Country Club is very proud of its past. The dog in our logo refers to the legendary history of Damme. In the Middle Ages the town was a harbour and had to be protected from the sea.

While building dikes, labourers were haunted by the devil, in the guise of a stray dog. When one of the dikes burst, the labourers killed the dog and used its corpse to fill the hole. In this way Damme and its attractive landscape were saved from flooding. In 1994 the club was bought by 2 well-known Flemish families, with the goal of making Damme a top club here in Belgium.

A club where everybody, member and visitor feels like part of the family and at home. So began many changes, upgrading of the course, clubhouse, changing rooms, practice facilities to name but a few. Today, the historical Stockman’s farm is at the very heart of our club. After a day on the course, it is the ideal spot to rewrite golf history… Or just enjoy traditional Flemish food and drinks