The pleasure of golf and nature together


A warm welcome is assured when you visit Damme Golf and Country Club. Situated between the medieval Flemish towns of Bruges and Damme the unique polder landscape stretches towards the sea. The scenery has a very particular charm, which you can fully enjoy at the Damme Golf & Country Club. "It goes without saying that the greens and whole course are meticulously maintained", says manager Chris Morton. "But beyond the areas of the course which are "in play' we leave alone, so that Mother Nature can do her work. Natural ponds and small woods give our members and guests an authentic taste of the polders". And as a visitor recently told me, "you don't need any clubs to enjoy being on the course. Just walking around the course and having the pleasure of seeing such fantastic wildlife in such a beautiful setting, is a pleasure on it's own." This is the course to play for the pleasure of golf and nature together.

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Our Course

Such extremes of weather, February so wet and March so dry. It's difficult to know what to do, drainage or irrigation!
Even with such extremes the course is coming nicely out of it's winter sleep and if we can have a week with night temperatures above 10°, then we will see a big change.
I have had from both members and visitors many compliments how the works for the President's Nine have improved the main course. The 7th, 8th, 11th and 16th have all changed considerably, along with the 4th and 6th tees.


The President's Nine


The President's Nine is looking fantastic and the members (and our President) can't wait to start playing on it.
Works on extra tees and on the bunkers are nearly complete and now some spring time warmth and we will be able to open the course for play.




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